Combo Moves

Because of the possibility of dodging, simple 1 move threats aren't very effective. That's why combo moves are used. A combo move is when you move 2 or more pieces instantaneously after eachother. The piece travelling the farthest distance should be moved first so that both pieces get to their destination at roughly the same time.

These pieces support each other to usually win pieces, or sometimes even mate a king!

Almost every time I attack, it's with 2 or more pieces, not just a single piece.

When looking for combos, look for pieces of your opponent that are undefended or defended only once.

Check out Newgen's Guide for an overview of simple combos.

Combos are everywhere. There is even a possible combo for white right at the start of the game!

This is known as a "take and defend" combo

White takes red's pawn and defends his bishop with his own pawn. This can be a good idea for white vs a better player if you want to trade early. Black has a counter combo to win his pawn back:

A common "removing the defender" combo. Red removes the pawn defender with Nxh3 followed by Bxg4. Material is even after white recaptures the knight.

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