Combo Moves (part 2)

Some combos are impossible to defend against if timed properly, (Your opponent can't take advantage of it even if he knows that's what you're going to do it. In Standard mostly irrefutable combos are used.

Here's an example of a combo that can't be refuted by white:

Rook takes f4 followed by g5 is unstoppable. White has no way to defend against it even though he exactly what black is going to do.

Other combos are more risky (meaning if you're opponent moves away, you will likely lose pieces). Risky combos are fine but just make sure if you're playing a refuted combo that the reward is sufficient enough to overcome the risk. Here's an example. (Cooldowns not shown).

The risk and reward are both high in this "removing the defender" combo opportunity for white. If red's alert he can retreat his bishop and avoid white's combo attempt, winning a free piece (but don't try to take white's bishop or it will get swept by the queen !)

White gets his combo off. What should red do?

Red finds the only defense by capturing the bishop and defending the queen with his knight. White has only gained a pawn out of his combo now.

However, white missed a better move.

After carrying out his combo white should also play g4! The point of this move will be seen soon.

After Red plays his defense, white trades queens and that pawn comes to the rescue. After the smoke clears white will be up a piece and a pawn. By thinking ahead white was able to find a plan to keep his material advantage.

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