Combo Moves (part 3)

Look at the state of this game. White and green are down tons of material. It is clearly a winning position for the red/black team so green has a plan in mind...

Risk: Who cares... I'm down a million pieces already...


Green executes his combo. The idea is that black was planning to play g6 to guard against this but couldn't once green's bishop moved there. Black needs to react fast to take the bishop and rook.

... and was too slow this time. Green and white went on to win.

Note: If you're serious about improving your combos and your game in general the best way to do it is by playing Standard. Standard is all about learning combos, and you'll have more time to think of them as well. It's no coincidence that the best Standard players are top FFW players as well (once they learn to move fast :)

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