Endgame Strategy

The Endgame is where the good player makes his mark on the game. Pieces are flying everywhere across the board, pawns trying to become queens... very chaotic stuff! The Endgame is the most exciting part of the game and it requires you to be good at all facets of the game. Full board awareness and king safety become incredibly important. Combos and sweeps are everywhere, and the speed of the game picks up.

Here are some general guidelines for endgame play

Red is the only player on the board with a queen left, but it looks like he's going to get mated by white's rooks! White will use the "holy roller" in order to mate red. How can black help save red? (Note that cooldowns are not shown in these images)

Yes, with a little help from his partner!

Red king moves over one square... anticipating black's next move. Black pushes his pawn up. White continues with his plan...

And white goes behind black's pawn! Red is safe and solid in his partner's base. A nice save!

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