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Postby thebobssj4 » Tue Aug 02, 2016 5:04 pm

I have a few suggestions--in no way intended to demand action from anyone--but rather share some input out of deep respect and appreciation for those involved in keeping this going. Thank you for your past time, and efforts!:

Some thoughts on revival and survival of Judo Chess:
- Future is always in the hands of the youth: we need to engage newer generations (we caught on at an early age because of how much free time we had to explore things that were awesome)
- - Facebook pages
- - promotion tactics - search engine optimization-I think we can easily dominate "speed chess" or "fast chess" searches with just a few tweaks
- - promotion tactics - e.g. inject +20 points to your rank if you get a legit friend to join and play.
- Frequent Tournaments feature with optional email reminders
- Conservative Email Spamming (maybe even auto launch an email when online activity booms "10 people are playing right now!")

I'd be willing to tackle some of this, maybe we can put a team together and meet weekly.

Many thanks again, wonderful game.
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