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Postby kboom » Mon Nov 13, 2017 3:14 am

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Re: PokerChess

Postby devilant » Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:51 am

Hey kboom, welcome to judochess! Long time no see.

This game looks awesome! I would kickstart this.

I think a lot of people in this community will be looking forward to your next game, poker sumo volleyball, as well.
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Re: PokerChess

Postby SatoshiNakamoto » Wed Nov 15, 2017 5:37 am

I think this game has serious potential. Bravo!
I've spent a little bit of time thinking about the strategy of this game. Here's what I think so far:
1) 5 chips is too small. Luck seems to play a big factor. It seems like you want bad players to be able to win because of luck like in poker, but with, say 10, chips the variance would be much smaller. As a chess player, I would prefer luck play less of a factor, so I'm biased :P It goes without saying that the game would become more complex with greater betting options.
2) There seems to be a flaw in the rules? What happens if both players repeat moves (ie move kings back and forth)? There should be some kind of repetition rule that makes it a draw (push), and I suppose in that case you could have the showdown decide the winner. In this case, you can still have a draw by trading all 52 cards although it's extremely unlikely, and then I suppose you can just reshuffle the captured cards. I'm also wondering about if the 52-card decks contain 3 or 4 extra kings which would make the rules for checkmating rather strange, unless only the original king is treated as checkmatable(important).
3) Potential modifications to the game(2): being able to use captured cards in your own showdown so you can strategically capture certain cards to improve your hand and combine that (or not) with a showdown being forced if no checkmate or crown victory occurs within a set number of turns. Having a timer(clock) like in chess or poker goes without saying.

Without further ado, I'll move on to the actual strategies of playing the game!

4) Going for checkmate is dumb unless your showdown is strong, but it's almost always good to capture the enemy cards thus weakening their showdown.
5) Building off #4, rather than checkmating, the strong tactic is to win pieces by putting the opposing king in check with newly placed cards and creating forks and skewers.
6) Pawns are not that bad in this game compared to normal chess!
7) Initial showdown poker hand doesn't really matter, the strength of your chess pieces is much more important.
8) Initial betting decisions seem solvable simply by calculating the average hand strength (strength of the 5 chess pieces) and making the appropriate bet according to the equilibrium and game theory. Fortunately, what I mean by solve is a very rough and general thing, and shouldn't really detract from the strategic richness and fun in the game.
9) Drawing cards seems inadvisable in the first few turns since the opponent can occupy the center of the board. Central control is still important in this game just like in chess!
10) Finally, I compliment the free flowing nature of this game and the strategic balance(white seems to have little advantage with the first move). A remarkable creative achievement, Kudos!

Edit: I seem to have completely overlooked how strong of a dynamic the betting is, since you can effectively put the opponent all-in at any time if they want to continue the round. I was thinking that the opponent could ignore the raise and improve their board position which would make raising a loss of time for the raiser. I didn't realize that the opponent must respond to the raise by folding, calling, or raising(seeing). I will have to rethink the strategy, but I'm about to go to bed now, so perhaps tomorrow.
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Re: PokerChess

Postby kboom » Sun Nov 19, 2017 12:30 am

Clarifications about Kings: ANY king may be checkmated which will trigger the showdown, and ALL kings which are in check during a checkmate are eliminated from your hand. It is theoretically possible to check (&mate) up to 4 kings simultaneously. It also means you can use any King to capture the enemy crown and achieve crown victory, but you cannot move into check to do so. There are only 4 kings in each deck, and it does not matter to the game which suit king you select to start with.

Also bear in mind suitless queens (promoted pawns) DO count towards your hand as queens, but can't be used for a flush.

Thanks for the feedback! Here are some responses:

1) I agree you can play with more chips which makes it more skill based, but to keep the game enjoyable, 5 chips assures a quicker game.
2) If a stalemate occurs (due to repetition or because a player cannot make a legal move), the showdown is triggered and hands are revealed. Please note this has never happened in any game I've played, but it is possible.
3) Interesting idea to use enemy cards in your hand, but occasionally the number of captured cards can get so large -- and it might be undesirable to force players to fish through the graveyard.
- Timer would be nice, as long as its not too fast. One possible idea for time I had, is if you run out of time, you can add, say 30 seconds more, for free (to your clock and opponents) but you have to discard.
4) Going for checkmate is dumb unless you have a good hand, BUT if you achieve board superiority you can just go for Crown Victory instead.. Crown Victory is what makes it so the game doesn't go on forever in an effort for the dominant player to keep drawing a better and better hand.
5) Correct, but bear in mind if you can control the enemy back rank enough you can get Crown Victory to avoid the Showdown altogether.
6) Varies greatly from hand to hand.
7) Yes, chess pieces are more important early than the poker hand.
8) Partly true, BUT a low three of a kind, or flush (especially if its a 6 card flush including your king) can be pretty decent hands
9) True, but you can only draw up to 5 cards max, which you begin the game with. So you virtually always place a card on turn 1. Sometimes I like to raise on turn 1 though -- to mess w/ my opponents head.
10) Thanks it is really fun :)

Yes, the betting dynamics for mid-combat betting are very important.
You can raise at any time and try to force the opponent out, *but* its quite risky because of the loss of tempo if the opponent calls, and because your opponent may also "see you" and might have a hidden flush or full house, etc.
You can also play weak and raise w. the intention to try to lure them in for more chips... etc.

I hope to release an online web version at some point as well.
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Re: PokerChess

Postby STEALTH » Sun Nov 19, 2017 10:58 pm

kboom wrote:I made a new game this year. Launching on Kickstarter soon.



Kaboom! Hey buddy, long time no talk! You should sign on to Judochess sometime and say Hi to some old friends. : )

P.S. Get sumovolleball back from MTV please. : )

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Re: PokerChess

Postby kboom » Mon Jan 08, 2018 3:47 am

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